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CEO, Fashion Solutions


Diksha Sachdev is a graduate of the prestigious Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Milan. After arming herself with a Masters in Fashion Marketing & Management, she decided to come back to her motherland to introduce for brands with a distinct voice, an umbrella of services – a rare offering back then. She has attended fashion weeks right from their inception, and is an authority on the past, present and the future of fashion in India. Though she works with a number of young as also established brands and businesses, her passion lies in discovering and mentoring bright, new talent that has the potential of becoming tomorrow’s superstars.


Our story started with a simple thought: isn’t it tough for a designer to extend their genius from the creative to other aspects of running a business? This wasn’t a random thought that floated into our founder’s head, one fine day. It emerged when she saw her mother, one of India’s OG designer labels’ founder, work tirelessly to fulfil all aspects of running a brand, and the struggles involved therein. And so, it all came full circle with the creation of Fashion Solutions in 2007. Our aim is not just to successfully launch fashion brands with a comprehensive view of everything from marketing to brand management to digital media and other aspects, but also take to our extensive knowledge of the Indian fashion scene to the other end of the business. We are one of the most exclusive buying and sourcing agencies from the sub-continent, and we pride ourselves on having developed a bankable network of retailers and manufacturers.

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